Gold price

Change in gold prices

The price of Gold bars is changing daily. This variation in the gold bar price is due to the availability of gold bars in international banks, the state of the world reserves and the demand from industrialists and investors.


How to invest in
Orenburg gold?

Pink gold jewellery comes in various categories. There are a lot of gold objects that can be invested in, as described by

By consulting the catalogue of virtual jewellers, you can choose from various models of luxury gold jewellery: necklaces, earrings, bracelets… And don’t forget to obtain a certificate of your gold property.

You invest in physical gold by signing a purchase order with the banker. As for paper gold, it is bought through a financial intermediary or an online broker.

Jewellery creation

Jewelry creations add a note of originality and elegance to an outfit.

Wide choice

Bicolor earrings in yellow gold, gold necklaces, gold ring, gold bracelets

Wonderful collections

Antique gold jewellery is considered to be unique pieces of art whose prices are truly imaginary.


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The price of gold falls when the money markets return to normal

Gold pendant

Buy a wide range of gold or diamond pendants in jewellery shops.

Gold bracelets

Gold bracelets are ideal gift ideas for all women, to offer for various events.

Precious objects

In order to guarantee the quality of the products, the MPs used in the manufacture of the jewellery have been carefully selected.

Gold price in euros

Gold on the Stock Exchange

Gold Market

Gold prices and stock exchange trading prices

Gold Bars

One kilogram gold bar

Buy gold

Protecting and diversifying your savings by investing in gold is a great idea.

Where to buy?

Contact a bank branch, a numismatics office or specialized brokers.

Selling gold

Selling your gold over the counter is a quick way to get cash.


Gold coins

Gold price trend

Benchmark price

To track the market price of precious metals such as gold or silver, the reference price is the London Billion Market or (LMBA). Non-ferrous metals are traded on the London Metal Exchange (LME).

Analyzing trends

The relevant analysis of the live gold price requires the consultation of a chart updated in real time. On weekends, the gold market is more active. At this time the price is less volatile.

Influential data

Certain data influences gold prices. The value of the dollar, because the precious metal is quoted in dollars. The financial health of importing countries and the level of risk in other financial markets also influence the value of gold.

Market price of the yellow metal

To invest in precious metals, live metal prices and historical prices can be found on the Internet. Among the metals listed on the stock exchange you can follow the price of copper, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, gold, silver, zinc, iron, lead… More details on