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"Our jewellery is the reflection of our souls." Women tame them more than men, they wear them around the neck, on the wrist, around the finger and even around the ankle. As an engagement ring or family jewellery, they can be personalized according to our desires. That is to say with our initials, images that fascinate us, logos that characterize us or even personalized in the different shapes we want. Personalised jewellery can be used as a gift for friends and family or even for a lover. Don't waste any more time leaving your home to go to the nearest jewelry store. Several online jewelry stores are now within everyone's reach.

How to choose a luxury handmade jewellery ?

An online jewellery store offers a wide range of handmade jewellery. That it is a personalized ring, a necklace adapted to the desires and the tastes of each one, or even gold jewellery such as a luxury bracelet and necklaces for chic evenings. The jewellery can be offered as a gift, among other things, necklaces to be engraved. An original and very personal gift idea that is ideal to convey a message: customised jewellery, the trend of the year. They offer a touch of originality by creating a surprise effect through its personalization. Luxury jewellery is more like accessories to be worn during a gala or a reception. In addition, during a chic evening, gold jewellery such as gold necklaces and bracelets for women can be accessories to be worn to enhance her clothes. Originality is the trump card of handmade luxury jewellery.

Why choose handcrafted luxury jewellery as a gift?

Jewellery is an accessory that never goes out of fashion, especially those that are personalised. Personalized jewellery is ideal for any kind of celebration, whether it's a birthday party or a gala. Moreover, they inspire simplicity and originality, if used as a gift. Women's gold bracelets are ideal as a birthday gift. Order jewellery online now and avoid leaving home.

Advantages of handmade jewellery

Jewellery is an accessory that complements your look whatever your style. Indeed, wearing a necklace or bracelet makes the difference and adds a touch to your look. But there is nothing more original than to wear a piece of jewellery made by hand according to your tastes. What's more, it allows you to add your personal touch to your style to stand out. Just like custom-made clothing, a personalized and/or handmade jewellery will fit you like a glove. This will save you precious time by avoiding trying on every piece of jewellery at the jeweller's to find the one that fits you and that you like. In addition, several choices of models are available to you. Each one is unique, a handmade jewellery will highlight the difference and the personality of the person wearing it. A handmade and/or personalized jewellery is an original gift idea that the recipient will not forget. To mark an event, whether it's a birthday, Christmas or Valentine's Day, a handmade jewellery is the ideal gift. And more importantly, handmade jewellery, even gold jewellery, is cheaper.

Which handmade luxury jewellery should I choose?

Luxury jewellery enhances the person wearing it as well as the clothes, especially at important events. For example, at a gala or a classy ceremony, gold jewellery is a timeless classic accessory that gives charm to the wearer. However, it is important to choose the right luxury jewellery. This choice is made according to a few parameters. A luxury jewellery must be of good quality. For example, if it is a gold luxury jewellery, such as a gold bracelet for women, it must have a good gold content. The color of a gold jewellery varies according to its alloy. Most people prefer white gold to yellow gold. However, colour has nothing to do with quality, just a matter of taste. Secondly, silver jewellery that is cheaper than gold jewellery is also very popular. Its silver colour is recommended for those with a matt and dark complexion. Platinum is the least known, but the most expensive and most resistant. Platinum is hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for those with sensitive skin.
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