Advantages of a safe with a piggy bank slot

You want to protect your valuables against burglary? Opt for a safe. But what are the characteristics of a piggy bank safe? What exactly is it used for?

What are the advantages of a safe with a piggy bank slot?

The piggy bank safe is a deposit safe. This type of safe is ideal for the easy and safe deposit of cash, papers and envelopes, without having to open the safe thanks to the piggy bank slot. It is therefore a very practical solution, as you will not need a code or key. It is very popular in restaurants, shops and banks to collect the day's takings. The safe deposit box can be : - Recessed: the 3 sides of the recessed deposit box are not visible. It is the most discreet and it can be hidden behind a painting, a piece of furniture... - To be fixed to the ground: this is less common, but very effective in protecting against theft. The ideal? Place it on a concrete floor for optimal fixing. - or to be fixed to the wall: the wall must be strong enough to support the weight of the box. This model has holes in the back

 Which safe model to choose?

Choosing the size of your slotted safe is crucial. What are you planning to store in it? Take a box and gather all your objects in it to get an approximation. Indeed, it is very important to optimize the space to reduce the budget and to find the best location. Depending on the standard chosen, the safe can contain between 8,000 euros up to 300,000 euros. If you plan to put money or paper in it, you should choose a fireproof or fire-resistant safe. This option allows you to protect your belongings in case of fire for 30 to 2 hours. For computer data, however, opt for a fireproof cabinet for computer products. For the lock, you have several options: -The key lock: this is the most common, but should be avoided if several people need to access the safe. -The electronic lock: you would have to choose a combination of numbers to open the safe. -Key and tube meter lock: it is essential to enter the combination and use the key to open the safe. It then offers optimum protection -The biometric lock: it can only be opened using biometric data (fingerprint, etc.).

But where can you find safes with a piggy bank slot?

On the Internet, you will find many merchant sites that specialise in the resale of safes. There you will find a wide selection of deposit safes of all sizes and categories. Don't hesitate to visit the online catalogues. If you have any questions, contact customer service quickly. They can guide you in your choices so that you can leave with the right product! Also, compare offers before you buy if you want to save money.
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