Advice and estimation for buying and selling gold

Are you looking for the ultimate safe haven to invest your money in this time of crisis? Gold remains an unalterable and profitable asset that is resistant to inflation and currency turbulence. With its price, which has quadrupled in recent years, as well as the scarcity of supply in relation to demand, the yellow metal will pay you big. But that's no reason to rush headlong into the market. As with any transaction involving colossal value, buying or selling gold is well prepared. Bullion, bars, wafers, coins... tips for selling or buying gold in the best possible conditions.

Tips for selling gold at the best price

To sell your gold without being fooled, think carefully about who you are going to offer it to and at what price? If you do not entrust yourself to a reliable and serious specialist, you are likely to sell your coins at prices well below the market price. It is always advisable to consult an expert in the field to be sure to sell your coins or jewellery at a higher price. The professional will carry out an expertise in order to offer you an interesting price. You should also find out about the gold price to get an idea of the approximate price of your gold. This way, you will be able to play the card in your favour during the negotiation.

Tips to make your gold investment profitable

Do you want to invest your savings in a safe investment like gold? It is a long-lasting and always profitable investment to secure your capital and make it grow. However, buying gold in Cagnes-sur-Mer is a delicate operation that should be carried out with care, if you really want to make the most of it. Always remember this basic rule: invest only 5 to 15% of your assets in gold. As this is a long-term investment that requires a large sum of money, this system will allow you to make a good return on your investment and avoid the cash flow problem. Then, to have more assurance of reselling your coins at higher rates, buy gold coins that are quoted with a negative or slightly positive premium. In addition, consider diversifying your purchases. Don't put all your money on the same coins. You'll earn more if you invest in Napoleon coins, gold bars, bars, jewellery and wafers. If one person's premium tends to go down at any given time, the other person's premium will go up. This way, you can keep the coins that bring you little profit for later and sell the ones with a high premium. Once again, buy your gold coins from a credible and recognized gold buying professional.

The right time to buy or sell gold

To type correctly, you will have to choose the right moment for buying or selling gold jewellery. But what is the best time to start buying? To answer simply: take the plunge when the price is falling. You should always ask about the price of gold. Some sites will allow you to follow price trends. But for seasoned investors, it works the other way around. They jump at the opportunity when the price goes up, hoping that the upward trend will last for a long time. So if you're a risk-seeker, follow their lead and you can earn more returns. But don't forget to take advantage of the competition before you make a decision. What about selling? According to the latest trends in gold prices, the last few years have been good times for yellow metals. The price has been rising steadily, with a legendary increase of 30% in just 7 months.

Sell or buy gold: always make an estimate before taking the step

Having your gold coins for sale or purchase appraised by an experienced expert is the guarantee of a successful and profitable operation. This will allow you to resell your gold at the best price or to make a smart and safe purchase. A gold buying specialist in Cagnes-sur-Mer will be able to estimate your coins at their fair value. He will also be able to evaluate their quality in order to help you make a good purchase. He will take into account several criteria when estimating, such as the price of gold and the quality of your coins. This process is free of charge and without obligation, but it is very important that you do not hesitate to contact him.
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