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Published on : 06 July 20203 min reading time

You have decided to make a bracelet in your own image but you don’t know where to start. No need to panic, this article will help you better so that your imagination can adorn your handle. First, you will discover how to have it made by a professional online, then you will learn how to make your personalised jewellery by yourself.

Seek professional help

You can create a personalized bracelet by entrusting its realization to an online jewellery designer. All you have to do is choose among the different models and insert your text. You will then have a preview of what the final result will be. If you are not satisfied with the final result, you can come back and select another design and adapt it to your text. Once you have made your decision, you can launch the order. Your original and unique creation will be completed in a few minutes. Please note that colours have always had the ability to influence feelings and emotions. You can therefore colour the shapes you want, imagining a bracelet in perfect harmony with the sensitivity of the person wearing it.

Make a personalized bracelet with a pendant

Among the clothing accessories that most characterize an individual are pendants, those small objects that can be hung on bracelets and necklaces to embellish them. With a few simple tips, even those who are not particularly good at manual techniques can make their own personalised jewellery in just a few hours, just follow this guide to find out how. You need to have: 10mm Wire, Colored Cotton Wire, Pliers, a Medium Size Pebble for a pendant and toys. On a sheet of paper, write your name or the initials of your name and surname and roll the cotton on the wire. When you are finished, with the pliers, start folding the thread to form the individual letters. Insert both ends of the writing inside the chain and tighten with the pliers in circles. Next, get screw hooks from a hardware store and start screwing them onto the toy, which has been previously pierced with a pointed object. The point of insertion of the hook should not be chosen at random, but well thought out, if the balance is not guaranteed, your pendant will tend to hang to one side. Once the screwing is finished, you just have to pass your bracelet or necklace through the hook.

In brief

Personalizing an accessory with a meaningful handwriting, dedication or image for yourself or for the person you have intended it for is an excellent gift solution, not only because it is original, but also because it is particularly economical thanks to the use of non-precious materials. In an increasingly clichéd world, creating personalized objects with your own hands can become a way to differentiate yourself and make yourself recognizable. It is easily visible on the person. Carefully choose the colour and shape of the object. For engraved jewellery, you must go through an online designer.

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