How to choose a chain or cord?

Cords and chains for pendants, or to be used alone, are a type of jewellery generally chosen and worn by ladies and gentlemen. They are also often bought as gifts, but whether we buy them for ourselves or for someone else, we are always faced with the same dilemma: which chain, which cord to choose? How long should it be, how should it be woven, what material should it be made of, what will be the most practical fastening? In fact, there are quite a few questions. Here, we will try to familiarize you a little bit with the characteristics of the warps and the elements that deserve to be taken into account when choosing them. As you know, there are many types of chains and cords to use on their own or with a pendant, as it is their weave and material that determines the final appearance of the chain as well as its practicality and wearability. It is interesting to note that some weaves are extremely susceptible to tangling, which means that the warp cannot be left loose and must be worn with a pendant to give it a certain stability. There are also those that easily get tangled in the hair, which is a point to consider for women who wear long, casual hair. So, what types of chains can be distinguished and which ones will be most suitable and for whom? Chains made of precious metals, whether gold, silver or vermeil, were a common jewelry item even in ancient civilizations (gold jewelry). Then they were made entirely by hand and each master had his own style. Production being a long and tedious exercise, only the rich of the upper classes could afford such jewels. Nowadays, gold chains have long since ceased to be exclusive and inaccessible. Such jewellery can be seen even on a child, especially since these products are often created not by jewellers but by machines. Metal chains are made in many weaves and can be used as jewellery on their own, as well as a basis for pendants, crosses to wear and all other kinds of pendants. Variations of male and female warps and cords often occur in various weaving mills, but there are also many gender-appropriate warps in many materials: natural materials such as leather, cotton, silk... but also rubber. The production of modern jewellery includes more than 150 types of jewellery chains, but they are all based on three basic weaving techniques: Bismarck, anchor, armoured. There are different types of clasps, the most common of which is the snap clasp, but there are also spring ring clasps, bayonet or toogle type clasps, and magnetic clasps. The last problem that worries many people, especially if the chain is to be a gift, is whether it is better to choose silver, gold, vermeil, as a precious metal is generally better suited for a gift that makes a mark. However, this question is basically unanswered, of course gold will always seem more luxurious, but a good quality silver chain is also a gift that can be very nice. Therefore, instead of being guided solely by the price of the gift, let's consider the preferences of the person for whom the jewellery is supposed to be. There are women as well as men who love gold and there are people who only wear silver, so it is important to know here the taste of that person. Of course, instead of yellow gold, you can always choose white, which will be similar to silver, but it is important to remember to choose the color of the chain according to general preferences. Choosing a chain, although seemingly simple, is not easy at all. The number of weaves, the lengths and the materials used to make it do not make it easy. Therefore, before making your purchases, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the most popular types of weaves and advise you on things you should pay attention to.
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